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Browse for properties around you.
Book a viewing with one tap.
Walk over and see it straight away.

See properties that are available to view right now. We made it easy to book a viewing, no emails or calls involved, welcome to hassle-free renting


No calls.
No emails.
No hassle.

Our technology lets the users know if the agent is at the property or when they’ll be there next. Our “Open House” feature allows you to book a viewing straight away, by choosing the day and time available in the agent’s schedule.


Seal the deal in real time

Inadash enables you to make an offer immediately after your viewing by tapping “Make Offer”. The agent will receive it and be in touch.


We only use trusted estate agents.

All our estate agents have been selected carefully and follow a strict code of conduct. You can rate an agent through the app, allowing you to give feedback of your experience with them.

We love feedback

Any comments or questions? We’d love to hear from you.